Sorry to bother you here, but at first I must say I don’t know anything about Korean... thus I type in English. 시간의 신전 Temple of Time 2/4

What’s the name of this song, could you tell me about this? Thanks!


name : 神?が?した幻想?

Group : Ezel-Ash
Video :

not maplestory BGM, it's a arrange music of Touhou Project.

Have a Nice day.


이름 : 神?が?した幻想?

그룹 : Ezel-Ash

비디오 링크 :

메이플스토리 BGM이 아니라 동방프로젝트라는 동인(doujin)게임 음악의 편곡(arrange)입니다.

Thanks a lot! Your Youtube is also Great!


I am also a mapler in Taiwan, and I reached 200 lv in 6/19, a poor Ice Archmage.

My Blog: (It’s Chinese and I am afraid that you don’t know it at all  [as I don’t know Korean at all] 0.0)


Nice to see your reply! And hope to get your further video in Korean Server!


아니 타이완 권역 유저인건 둘째치고 만렙이잖아


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